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 Download Ultrabeat - Better Than Life    [free cellularphone polyphonic ringtone]

Category:Electronic Ringtones
Author: Ultrabeat
Music Title/Track: Better Than Life
Downloads: 487
Formats Available: .MIDI(polyphonic) monophonic
.MMF .MP3(realtone) .WAV .AMR
Theme ID: 3199
Date Added(update): 2005-09-19
Size: 11.44 Kb (11715 bytes)
Uploaded by: an-g-ela

temporary, we can not send this sound to your phone but you can download it on PC, then use a data-cable(BlueTooth,wireless) connection for uploading to the mobile phone
Download Better Than Life by Ultrabeat Free Polyphonic Ringtone

30 sec m4r ringtone for iphone with 128 kbit/s bitrate (279Kb) (Polyphonic)
Download Better Than Life Free m4r iphone Ringtone

this ringtone(realtone,truetone) possibly compatible with:
  • motorola v186, v195, c305, a728, a760, v150, razr v3xx, e2 rokr, razrv3xx imode, motofone f3, v66i, v600, e398, mpx200 (v700), v400p, c157, v270 slvrlite, v560, a840, l7e slvr, w208, v226, v265, c333, v80, v8 slvr, l6i, v1000, c205, c118, v171, c350, v360, c650, izarv3s, e375, v980, v547, c156, razr maxx, i730, v500, talkabout 191, v2288, razrv3c, motorizr z6, e550, v60i, e1000, e770v, mpx220, mpx100, e1120, v535, c200, talkabout 2288, razr v6, v635, l7i, a830, a1000, v280, talkabout 192, timeport l7389, e895, motorizr z3, l6 slvrcam, v300, c357, a1200, timeport 250, razrv3r, rokr e2, v330, mpx300, v525, pebl u6, v6 pebl,
  • panasonic x500, g50m, sa6, gd95, a101, x68, gd50, x300, g70, gd93, x400, x60 (x66), x11, z800, a102, gd70,
  • samsung sgh-e360, sgh-x636, sgh-e250, sgh-c406, sgh-e380, sgh-d100, sch-b600, sgh-x600, sgh-x810, sgh-z360, sgh-z620, sgh-i320, sgh-e810c, sgh-e910 serene, sgh-n100, sgh-e340, sgh-x120, sgh-e300, sgh-p107, s410i, sgh-e720, sgh-d410, sgh-x656, sgh-e715, sgh-d800, sgh-c327, sgh-p910, sgh-z720, sgh-z230, sgh-x630, sgh-x427m, sgh-a400, sgh-z540, sph-a790, sgh-d730, sgh-zv30, sgh-x480c, vi660, sgh-x680, sgh-t709, sgh-f500, sgh-d500, a620, sgh-z100, sgh-x140, sgh-z320i, sgh-a500, sgh-zm60, sgh-p777, sgh-c230, sph-a940, sgh-t609, sgh-z520, sgh-f300, sgh-s500, sgh-q100, sgh-e420, sgh-r200, sgh-x460c, sgh-d840, sgh-e350, sgh-x450, sgh-z400, sgh-c130, sgh-z500, sgh-z560, sgh-r200/r210, sgh-q300, sgh-zv50, sgh-e620, z650i, sgh-z220, sgh-c120, sgh-x830, sgh-zx10, sgh-x458, sgh-d500e, sgh-e710, sgh-e480, sgh-x300, sgh-t200, sgh-x820, sgh-x670, sgh-c100g, sph-a660, sgh-zv40, sgh-a100, sgh-p207, sgh-e770, sph-v7900, sgh-z350,
  • sagem my-x6, myx-3-3, myx-1w, my301x, my 3052, myc-1, my-202, mw 950, my-c5-3, my-w7, my-x5-2v, my600x, mc 920, mc 3026, my-x4, myx-1g, my200x, my101x, my501x, my302x, my-400-x, myc-4, wa3050, my500x, myc-3b, myx-3d, my-301-x, myc-2-3, my-700-xi, mc 959, my-501-ci, mw x1, mc 3050, my-x1-2, my-z3, my-x2-2, myw-7, myx-2-2, my300x, myc-2-2, dmc 830, my-c5-2, my-401-x, sg341i, myv-65, myc-3-2, my-s7, mc 3020, myx6-2, my400x, my202x, mymobiletv, my800x, myv-75, mw 930,
  • dopod 818pro,
  • kyocera koi-kx2,
  • pantech gf200, pg-3300, g300, gb100, pg-8000, gf500, pt-k1800, pg-1400, pg-6100, pg-3200, pg3600v, pg3200, pg6200, gb200, pu-5000, pg1400, pg-2800, gi100,
  • xcute dv2,
  • voxtel v350, 1id, rx100, bd50, vs400, 2id, rx400, rx600, bd60, rx200, v500, vs800, v300, v310, v700, v380, bd-38,
  • fitage katharina,
  • neo flip,
  • skyvox i7,
  • innostream inno 99, inno 79,
  • but also can work on other cellphones

    if you have a phone from a list, and ringtone doesnt work fine, please e-mai us
    and if ringtone works fine, please tell us you phone model, we add them to the list

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