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 Download TV Theme - Only Fools And Horses    [free cellularphone polyphonic ringtone]

Category:Film Ringtones
Author: TV Theme
Music Title/Track: Only Fools And Horses
Downloads: 2697
Formats Available: .MIDI(polyphonic) monophonic
.MMF .MP3(realtone) .WAV .AMR
Theme ID: 2915
Date Added(update): 2005-04-11
Size: 6.36 Kb (6515 bytes)
Uploaded by: botsinok

temporary, we can not send this sound to your phone but you can download it on PC, then use a data-cable(BlueTooth,wireless) connection for uploading to the mobile phone
Download Only Fools And Horses by TV Theme Free Polyphonic Ringtone

30 sec m4r ringtone for iphone with 128 kbit/s bitrate (279Kb) (Polyphonic)
Download Only Fools And Horses Free m4r iphone Ringtone

this ringtone(realtone,truetone) possibly compatible with:
  • sonyericsson t230, t600, w888, w810, t616, z800, k300, v800, z610i, w600i, z558, w550i, z300c, v630, v600, w958c, s600, w300, w800i, k790, s700, t316, t238, t618, w300i, t226, j200i, k608, k700a, w900i, k618i, z550, s710a, d750i, z525, w610, w810i, k750i, p990, j300, z500i, z300a, k508i, w710, k800i, j210, k610, p910i, t290, k500c, j210i, w810c, j220i, t302, z710, t306, z500a,
  • sagem myc-5-2v, mc 3020, myx-5m, my501x, mc 930, mye-77, myv-75, mys-7, mc 3000, my301x, mw3042, myv-55, myx-2-2, my-202, wa3050, my-201-x, my201x, my200x, my-x1, my405x, my-400-x, my-z3, mw 939, my-300-x, my-600-x, my900c, mw 930, myx-3-3, myc4-2, my3062, my401x, my-x8, my 3052, myv-76, sg321i, my101l, sg345i, my-c2-2, myx-7, sg341i, my-x5, myx-55, dmc 830, my-v85, myx-8, myc-1, mc 3026, my-x4,
  • philips xenium 9@9r, 568, fisio 120, 968, 759, 659, fisio 822, 680, xenium 9@9++, s900, fisio 311, 362, az@lis 268, xenium 989, fisio 820, xenium 9@9c, xenium 9@9t, xenium 9@98, xenium 9@9e,
  • samsung sgh-zm60, sgh-e720i, sgh-x460, sgh-z540, sgh-p730, sgh-e100, sgh-e710, sgh-z140, sgh-p777, sph-a740, sgh-d410, sgh-e800, sgh-x700, sgh-zv50, sgh-z630, sgh-v200, s501i, sgh-f300, sgh-n600/n620, sgh-x150, sgh-e480, sgh-x490, sgh-d608, sgh-d700, sgh-x486, sch-b600, sgh-x100, sgh-s200, sgh-z620, sgh-t200, sgh-p300, sgh-e316, sgh-e600, sgh-e810c, sgh-p735, sgh-x400, sgh-s341i, a620, sgh-t719, sgh-x460c, sgh-i819, sgh-v410, sgh-e360, sgh-a300, sgh-x210, sgh-p900, sgh-e317, sgh-c200n, sph-a760, sgh-r200, sgh-e380, sgh-t309, sgh-c130-v1, sgh-d600, sgh-d807, sgh-s300m, sgh-i320, sgh-p500, sgh-z710, sgh-c406, sph-v7800, sgh-t100, sgh-x410, sgh-e105, sgh-e750, s400i, sgh-t209, sgh-x427m, sgh-e320, sgh-d830, s342i, sgh-d508, sgh-n100, sgh-p920, sgh-e350, sgh-e910 serene, sgh-a100, sgh-p940, sph-v5400, sgh-d347, sgh-x426m, sgh-x120, sgh-d840, sgh-v100, sgh-d730, sgh-z505, sgh-t609, sgh-i300x, sph-a700, s410i, sgh-e500, sgh-r210, sgh-x480c, sph-i500, sgh-x640, sgh-z720, vi660, sgh-zx10, sgh-e780, sgh-x488, sgh-z370, sgh-e900, sgh-d500, sgh-d520, sgh-x600, sgh-x830, sgh-x467, sgh-s500i, sgh-c207, sgh-e340, sgh-e620, sgh-c100, sgh-e250, sgh-a500,
  • handspring treo 650, treo 180g, treo 600, treo 270,
  • groupe sense zircon, sense xplore m68, sense jasper s20, sense xplore g18,
  • qtek 9090, s200, 2020i,
  • vodafone vpa compact ii, vs2, vs3, v1240,
  • invair filewalker messenger,
  • precisa secuphone bx55,
  • sanyo pls-4920, scp-5300, pls-4930, vm-4500, scp-7200, rl-4920, pm-8200, scp-5500,
  • tevion md96200,
  • universum g18,
  • but also can work on other cellphones

    if you have a phone from a list, and ringtone doesnt work fine, please e-mai us
    and if ringtone works fine, please tell us you phone model, we add them to the list

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