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 Free Ringtones by l Artist
Music Title - Author (Ringtone ID) Format
Kabhi Main Kahoon by Lamhe (1773).midi(Poly)
Lape Maia by Las Ketchup (1774).midi(Poly)
Alone by Lasgo (1775).midi(Poly)
Pray by Lasgo (1776).midi(Poly)
Something by Lasgo (1777).midi(Poly)
The Ketchup Song With Canary Whistling by Lasketchup Vs Canary (1778).midi(Poly)
Dil To Pagal Hai by Lata Mangeshkar (1779).midi(Poly)
Main Chali Main Chali by Lata Mangeshkar and Mohamme... (1780).midi(Poly)
Love Story Vs Finally by Layo and Bushwacka (1781).midi(Poly)
Can't Fight The Moonlight by Leanne Rhymes (1782).midi(Poly)
How Do I Live by Leanne Rimes (1783).midi(Poly)
Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin (1784).midi(Poly)
Shake It V2 by Lee Cabera (1785).midi(Poly)
Shake It by Lee Cabrera (1786).midi(Poly)
You Stress Me by Lee O (1787).midi(Poly)
Army Of Lovers by Lee Ryan (1788).midi(Poly)
Theme Tune by Leeds (1789).midi(Poly)
When Your Smiling by Leicester FC (1790).midi(Poly)
50 50 by Lemar (1791).midi(Poly)
Another Day by Lemar (1792).midi(Poly)
Dance (With U) by Lemar (1793).midi(Poly)
Dance (With U) V2 by Lemar (1794).midi(Poly)
Dance With You V2 by Lemar (1795).midi(Poly)
If There's Any Justice by Lemar (1796).midi(Poly)
Time To Grow by Lemar (1797).midi(Poly)
Addicted To Love by Lenny Kravitz (1798).midi(Poly)
American Woman by Lenny Kravitz (1799).midi(Poly)
Believe In Me by Lenny Kravitz (1800).midi(Poly)
Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz (1801).midi(Poly)
Jacques Your Body (Citreon Advert) by Les Rythmes Digitales (1802).midi(Poly)
Shes Gonna Break Soon by Less Than Jake (1803).midi(Poly)
Forward by Lethal B (1804).midi(Poly)
Pow Forward by Lethal Bizzle (1805).midi(Poly)
My United States Of Whatever by Liam Lynch (1806).midi(Poly)
Nesti Ni Former by Liberti (1807).midi(Poly)
What Became Of The Likely Lads by Libertines (1808).midi(Poly)
A Night To Remember by Liberty X (1809).midi(Poly)
Jumpin by Liberty X (1810).midi(Poly)
Song 4 Lovers by Liberty X (1811).midi(Poly)
Being Nobody by Liberty X Ft Richard X (1812).midi(Poly)
Lets Get Down by Lil Bow Wow (1813).midi(Poly)
Game Over by Lil Flip (1814).midi(Poly)
Sunshine by Lil Flip Ft Lea (1815).midi(Poly)
Get Low by Lil John (1816).midi(Poly)
Roll Call by Lil John (1817).midi(Poly)
Get Low by Lil Jon (1818).midi(Poly)
Lovers And Friends by Lil Jon And The East Side Boyz (1819).midi(Poly)
Get Low by Lil Jon V2 (1820).midi(Poly)
Bia Bia by Lil Jon and The Eastside Boyz (1821).midi(Poly)
I Dont Give A Fuck by Lil Jon and The Eastside Boyz (1822).midi(Poly)
Crush On You by Lil Kim (1823).midi(Poly)
Jump Off by Lil Kim (1824).midi(Poly)
Lighters Up by Lil Kim (1825).midi(Poly)
Magic Stick by Lil Kim and 50 Cent (1826).midi(Poly)
Superwoman by Lil Mo And Fabolous (1827).midi(Poly)
No Problem by Lil Scrappy (1828).midi(Poly)
Game Over by Lil' Flip (1829).midi(Poly)
Throw It Up by Lil' Jon (1830).midi(Poly)
Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit (1831).midi(Poly)
Eat You Alive by Limp Bizkit (1832).midi(Poly)
Faith by Limp Bizkit (1833).midi(Poly)
MI2 Theme by Limp Bizkit (1834).midi(Poly)
N2gether Now by Limp Bizkit (1835).midi(Poly)
Rollin' by Limp Bizkit (1836).midi(Poly)
Breaking The Habbit by Linkin Park (1837).midi(Poly)
Crawling by Linkin Park (1838).midi(Poly)
Faint by Linkin Park (1839).midi(Poly)
From The Inside by Linkin Park (1840).midi(Poly)
In The End by Linkin Park (1841).midi(Poly)
Numb by Linkin Park (1842).midi(Poly)
Paper Cut by Linkin Park (1843).midi(Poly)
Place For Your Head by Linkin Park (1844).midi(Poly)
Points Of Authority by Linkin Park (1845).midi(Poly)
Runaway by Linkin Park (1846).midi(Poly)
Somewhere I Belong by Linkin Park (1847).midi(Poly)
With You by Linkin Park (1848).midi(Poly)
Hello by Lionel Richie (1849).midi(Poly)
Truly by Lionel Richie (1850).midi(Poly)
All Over by Lisa Maffia (1851).midi(Poly)
All Over V2 by Lisa Maffia (1852).midi(Poly)
In Love by Lisa Maffia (1853).midi(Poly)
Too Far Gone by Lisa Scott (1854).midi(Poly)
Lately by Lisa Scott Lee (1855).midi(Poly)
Change by Lisa Stansfield (1856).midi(Poly)
My Own Worst Enemy by Lit (1857).midi(Poly)
We Deal In Dreams by Live (1858).midi(Poly)
You'll Never Walk Alone by Liverpool FC (1859).midi(Poly)
Paradise by LL Cool (1768).midi(Poly)
Headsprung by LL Cool J (1769).midi(Poly)
Hey Lover by LL Cool J (1770).midi(Poly)
Hush by LL Cool J (1771).midi(Poly)
Paradise by LL Cool J (1772).midi(Poly)
On Fire by Lloyd Banks (1860).midi(Poly)
My Front Porch Looking In by Lonestar (1861).midi(Poly)
Down4 Me by Loon Ft Mario Winans (1862).midi(Poly)
How You Want That by Loon Ft P Diddy (1863).midi(Poly)
Concerning Hobbits by Lord Of The Rings (1864).midi(Poly)
May It Be by Lord Of The Rings (1865).midi(Poly)
Race Of Men by Lord Of The Rings (1866).midi(Poly)
The Bridge Of Khazad Dum by Lord Of The Rings (Main Theme) (1867).midi(Poly)
Did I Dream by Lost Witness (1868).midi(Poly)
Satellite of Love 2004 by Lou Reed (1869).midi(Poly)
Pandora's Kiss by Louise (1870).midi(Poly)
Pandoras Kiss by Louise (1871).midi(Poly)
Broken Bones by Love Inc (1872).midi(Poly)
Your A Superstar by Love Inc (1873).midi(Poly)
Chori Chori by Lucky Adnam Sami (1874).midi(Poly)
Sun Zara by Lucky-No Time For Love (1875).midi(Poly)
This Is Goodbye by Lucy Carr (1876).midi(Poly)
Act A Fool by Ludacris (1877).midi(Poly)
Act A Fool (Short) by Ludacris (1878).midi(Poly)
Blow It Out by Ludacris (1879).midi(Poly)
Blow It Out Ya Ass by Ludacris (1880).midi(Poly)
Blow It Out v2 by Ludacris (1881).midi(Poly)
Get Back by Ludacris (1882).midi(Poly)
Get The Fuck Back by Ludacris (1883).midi(Poly)
Hoes In My Room by Ludacris (1884).midi(Poly)
Move Bitch by Ludacris (1885).midi(Poly)
Number One Spot by Ludacris (1886).midi(Poly)
Oooh Ahhh by Ludacris (1887).midi(Poly)
Pussy Poppin by Ludacris (1888).midi(Poly)
Roll Out by Ludacris (1889).midi(Poly)
Screwed Up by Ludacris (1890).midi(Poly)
Splash Waterfalls by Ludacris (1891).midi(Poly)
Stand Up by Ludacris (1892).midi(Poly)
Welcome To Atlanta by Ludacris (1893).midi(Poly)
Whats Your Fantasy by Ludacris And Trina (1894).midi(Poly)
Christ On The Mount Of Olives by Ludwig Van Beethoven (1895).midi(Poly)
Gertrudes Dream Waltz by Ludwig Van Beethoven (1896).midi(Poly)
God Save by Ludwig Van Beethoven (1897).midi(Poly)
Romance 1 In F by Ludwig Van Beethoven (1898).midi(Poly)
Sonata 2 by Ludwig Van Beethoven (1899).midi(Poly)
The Hunt by Ludwig Van Beethoven (1900).midi(Poly)
Turkish March by Ludwig Van Beethoven (1901).midi(Poly)
Crashin' A Party by Lumidee (1902).midi(Poly)
Never Leave You by Lumidee (1903).midi(Poly)
Never Leave You (v2) by Lumidee (1904).midi(Poly)
Never Leave You V3 by Lumidee (1905).midi(Poly)
Carnival Remix by Lumidee Vs Wayne Wonder Vs Sean Paul (1906).midi(Poly)
I Got 5 On It by Luniz (1907).midi(Poly)
Dance With My Father by Luther Vandross (1908).midi(Poly)
Here And Now by Luther Vandross (1909).midi(Poly)
Never Too Much by Luther Vandross (1910).midi(Poly)
Take You Out by Luther Vandross (1911).midi(Poly)
Time To Fly by Lyala (1912).midi(Poly)
Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd (1913).midi(Poly)

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