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 Free Ringtones by a Artist
Music Title - Author (Ringtone ID) Format
Super Trooper by A Teen (89).midi(Poly)
Cant Help Falling In Love by A-Teens (90).midi(Poly)
Take On Me by A1 (91).midi(Poly)
Are You Feelin' Me by Aaliyah (116).midi(Poly)
Are You That Somebody by Aaliyah (117).midi(Poly)
Back And Forth by Aaliyah (118).midi(Poly)
Choosey by Aaliyah (119).midi(Poly)
I Miss You by Aaliyah (120).midi(Poly)
Journey To The Past by Aaliyah (121).midi(Poly)
More Than A Woman by Aaliyah (122).midi(Poly)
Try Again by Aaliyah (123).midi(Poly)
We Need A Resolution by Aaliyah (124).midi(Poly)
Dancin by Aaron Smith (125).midi(Poly)
Dheere Dheere Se by Aashiqui (126).midi(Poly)
Chandu Ki Chachi by Aasma (127).midi(Poly)
Hamein Tumse Hua Hai Pyar by Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan S... (128).midi(Poly)
Kurti Malmal Di by Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan S... (129).midi(Poly)
Gimme Gimme Gimme by ABBA (92).midi(Poly)
Dancing Queen by Abba (130).midi(Poly)
Fernando by Abba (131).midi(Poly)
Money Money Money by Abba (132).midi(Poly)
Mumma Mia by Abba (133).midi(Poly)
Thankyou For The Music by Abba (134).midi(Poly)
Far From In Love (San Fransisco Mix) by Above and Beyond Ft Kate Cameron (135).midi(Poly)
No One On Earth (San Fransisco Mix) by Above and Beyond Ft Zoe Johnston (136).midi(Poly)
Miss Perfect by Abs (137).midi(Poly)
Miss Perfect V2 by Abs (138).midi(Poly)
Miss Perfect V3 by Abs (139).midi(Poly)
Stop Sign by Abs (140).midi(Poly)
Blind Visions (Ambient Mix) by Accadia (141).midi(Poly)
Back In Black by ACDC (93).midi(Poly)
Big Gun by ACDC (94).midi(Poly)
For Those About To Rock by ACDC (95).midi(Poly)
Hard As A Rock by ACDC (96).midi(Poly)
Highway To Hell by ACDC (97).midi(Poly)
Money Talks by ACDC (98).midi(Poly)
TNT by ACDC (99).midi(Poly)
That's The Way I Want To Rock and Roll by ACDC (100).midi(Poly)
Thunderstruck by ACDC (101).midi(Poly)
Who Made Who by ACDC (102).midi(Poly)
Whole Lotta Rosie by ACDC (103).midi(Poly)
You Shook Me All Night Long by ACDC (104).midi(Poly)
Ending by Ace Combat 2 (142).midi(Poly)
Hangar by Ace Combat 2 (143).midi(Poly)
Hanger XG by Ace Combat 2 (144).midi(Poly)
All That She Wants by Ace Of Base (145).midi(Poly)
Beautiful Morning by Ace Of Base (146).midi(Poly)
The Sign by Ace Of Base (147).midi(Poly)
Unspeakable by Ace Of Base (148).midi(Poly)
Friend Or Foe by Adam Ant (149).midi(Poly)
Kabhi To Nazar Milao by Adnad Sami (150).midi(Poly)
Lucky Lips by Adnan Sami (151).midi(Poly)
Amazing by Aerosmith (152).midi(Poly)
Crazy by Aerosmith (153).midi(Poly)
Dream On by Aerosmith (154).midi(Poly)
Jaded by Aerosmith (155).midi(Poly)
Janies Got A Gun by Aerosmith (156).midi(Poly)
Walk This Way by Aerosmith (157).midi(Poly)
Girls Not Grey by AFI (105).midi(Poly)
Silver And Cold by AFI (106).midi(Poly)
The Leaving Song Pt. 2 by AFI (107).midi(Poly)
Because I Got High by Afroman (158).midi(Poly)
Age Of Love 2004 by Age Of Love (159).midi(Poly)
Holding On To Nothing by Agnelli and Nelson (160).midi(Poly)
Kusunita by Aika Dajiba (161).midi(Poly)
Alpha Beta Gaga by Air (162).midi(Poly)
Ya No Recuerdo by Airbag (163).midi(Poly)
Genie (Michael Splint vs FandW Remix) by Airbase (164).midi(Poly)
Aankhen Bandh Karke by Aitraaz (165).midi(Poly)
Gela Gela Gela by Aitraaz (166).midi(Poly)
Mehbooba Mehbooba by Ajnabee (167).midi(Poly)
Bananza Belly Dancer by Akon (168).midi(Poly)
Locked Up by Akon (169).midi(Poly)
Lonely by Akon (170).midi(Poly)
Locked Up by Akon Ft. Styles (171).midi(Poly)
Rabba Rabba by Aks (172).midi(Poly)
The Magic Roundabout by Alain Legrand (173).midi(Poly)
Someday by Alcazar (174).midi(Poly)
Maybe Thats What It Takes by Alex Parks (175).midi(Poly)
Guru Bandana by Ali Akbar Khan and Asha Bhosle (176).midi(Poly)
Streets Of New York by Alica Keys, Nas and Rakim (177).midi(Poly)
'He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)' by Alice Cooper (178).midi(Poly)
Poison by Alice Cooper (179).midi(Poly)
Back In My Life by Alice Deejay (180).midi(Poly)
Will I Ever by Alice Deejay (181).midi(Poly)
A Womans Worth by Alicia Keys (182).midi(Poly)
Fallng by Alicia Keys (183).midi(Poly)
Girlfriend by Alicia Keys (184).midi(Poly)
If I Aint Got You by Alicia Keys (185).midi(Poly)
Karma by Alicia Keys (186).midi(Poly)
You Don't Know My Name by Alicia Keys (187).midi(Poly)
Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm (188).midi(Poly)
San Sanana by Alka Yagnik and Hema Sardesai (189).midi(Poly)
Radio by Alkaline Trio (190).midi(Poly)
Black Coffee by All Saints (191).midi(Poly)
A Whole New World by Alladin (192).midi(Poly)
All Cried Out by Allure (193).midi(Poly)
No More Tears (Abnea Remix) by Allure (194).midi(Poly)
Happy Birthday by Altered Images (195).midi(Poly)
Tharti Hildi by Aman Hayer (196).midi(Poly)
Angel by Amanda Perez (197).midi(Poly)
Angel V2 by Amanda Perez (198).midi(Poly)
I Pray by Amanda Perez (199).midi(Poly)
Passion by Amen Uk (200).midi(Poly)
God Bless The USA by American Idols Finalists (201).midi(Poly)
1 Thing by Amerie (202).midi(Poly)
I'm Coming Out by Amerie (203).midi(Poly)
Talkin To Me by Amerie (204).midi(Poly)
MisFit by Amy Studt (205).midi(Poly)
We Are by Ana Johnsson (206).midi(Poly)
Streets Of Calcutta by Ananda Shankar (207).midi(Poly)
Heavy On My Heart by Anastacia (208).midi(Poly)
Left Outside Alone by Anastacia (209).midi(Poly)
Sick And Tired by Anastacia (210).midi(Poly)
Welcome To My Truth by Anastacia (211).midi(Poly)
Summer Calling (Airwave Club Mix) by Andain (212).midi(Poly)
Memory by Andrew Lloyd Webber (213).midi(Poly)
Bu Dong by Andy Hui (214).midi(Poly)
Cant Take My Eyes Off You by Andy Williams (215).midi(Poly)
Do You Know by Angel City (216).midi(Poly)
Love Me Right by Angel City (217).midi(Poly)
Sunrise by Angel City (218).midi(Poly)
Touch Me by Angel City (219).midi(Poly)
Love Me Right by Angel City Ft Lara McAllen (220).midi(Poly)
Love Me Right V2 by Angel City Ft Lara Mcallen (221).midi(Poly)
Love Me Right by Angel City ft Lara McAllen (222).midi(Poly)
Two Times by Ann Lee (223).midi(Poly)
Freak Me by Another Level (224).midi(Poly)
Dundee by Anthem (225).midi(Poly)
Leicester by Anthem (226).midi(Poly)
Nottingham Forest by Anthem (227).midi(Poly)
Real Madrid by Anthem (228).midi(Poly)
Rule Britannia by Anthem (229).midi(Poly)
Take Me Out To The Ballgame by Anthem (230).midi(Poly)
Four Seasons: Autumn by Antonio Vivaldi (231).midi(Poly)
Four Seasons: Spring by Antonio Vivaldi (232).midi(Poly)
Four Seasons: Summer by Antonio Vivaldi (233).midi(Poly)
Four Seasons: Winter by Antonio Vivaldi (234).midi(Poly)
Barbie Girl by Aqua (235).midi(Poly)
Barbie Girl V2 by Aqua (236).midi(Poly)
Doctor Jones by Aqua (237).midi(Poly)
Lollipop by Aqua (238).midi(Poly)
Lollipop (With Bassline) by Aqua (239).midi(Poly)
My Oh My by Aqua (240).midi(Poly)
Hard To Say I'm Sorry by Aquagen (241).midi(Poly)
Revival by Ar Rahman (242).midi(Poly)
Rebellion by Arcade Fire (243).midi(Poly)
I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor by Arctic Monkeys (244).midi(Poly)
When The Sun Goes Down by Arctic Monkeys (245).midi(Poly)
Boca Juniors by Argentina (246).midi(Poly)
Blue Fear by Armin Van Buuren (247).midi(Poly)
Old Brave Old Army Team by Army (248).midi(Poly)
Arsene Wengers Magic by Arsenal (249).midi(Poly)
Ashley Cole by Arsenal (250).midi(Poly)
Nigel Winterburn by Arsenal (251).midi(Poly)
One Nil To The Arsenal by Arsenal (252).midi(Poly)
Rocky Rocky by Arsenal (253).midi(Poly)
Theme Tune by Arsenal (254).midi(Poly)
We Love You Arsenal by Arsenal (255).midi(Poly)
We Shall Not Be Moved by Arsenal (256).midi(Poly)
Moments In Love by Art Of Noise (257).midi(Poly)
Please Dont Turn Me On by Artful Dodger (258).midi(Poly)
Rewind by Artful Dodger (259).midi(Poly)
Starcrossed by Ash (260).midi(Poly)
Happy by Ashanti (261).midi(Poly)
Only U by Ashanti (262).midi(Poly)
Rock Wit You (Aww Baby) by Ashanti (263).midi(Poly)
What's Luv by Ashanti (264).midi(Poly)
La La by Ashlee Simpson (265).midi(Poly)
Wimmin by Ashley Hamilton (266).midi(Poly)
My Old Man Said Be A City... by Aston Villa (267).midi(Poly)
My Old Man by Aston Villa FC (268).midi(Poly)
Boys Of Summer by Ataris (269).midi(Poly)
9PM Til I Come by ATB (108).midi(Poly)
9PM Til I Come V2 by ATB (109).midi(Poly)
9PM Til I Come V3 by ATB (110).midi(Poly)
Don't Stop by ATB (111).midi(Poly)
The Summer by ATB (112).midi(Poly)
Around The World by ATC (113).midi(Poly)
Around The World (DMH EDIT) by ATC (114).midi(Poly)
Half Light by Athlete (270).midi(Poly)
Calling All Girls by ATL (115).midi(Poly)
If You Come To Me by Atomic Kitten (271).midi(Poly)
Ladies Man by Atomic Kitten (272).midi(Poly)
Love Doesn't Have To Hurt by Atomic Kitten (273).midi(Poly)
The Tide Is High by Atomic Kitten (274).midi(Poly)
Shot You Down by Audio Bullys Ft Nancy Sinatra (275).midi(Poly)
Cochise by Audioslave (276).midi(Poly)
Sleeping Satellite by Aurora Feat. Naimee Coleman (277).midi(Poly)
Rise Up by Australian Idol (278).midi(Poly)
Making Good Love by Avant (279).midi(Poly)
Proper Crimbo by Avid Merrion (280).midi(Poly)
Anything But Ordinary by Avril Lavigne (281).midi(Poly)
Don't Tell Me by Avril Lavigne (282).midi(Poly)
He Wasn't by Avril Lavigne (283).midi(Poly)
I'm With You by Avril Lavigne (284).midi(Poly)
Losing Grip by Avril Lavigne (285).midi(Poly)
My Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne (286).midi(Poly)
Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne (287).midi(Poly)
Crazy Frog Remix by Axel F (288).midi(Poly)
Connected by Ayumi Hamasaki (289).midi(Poly)
Connected V2 by Ayumi Hamasaki (290).midi(Poly)
July 1st by Ayumi Hamasaki (291).midi(Poly)
Trauma by Ayumi Hamasaki (292).midi(Poly)
UNite! by Ayumi Hamsaki (293).midi(Poly)

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